Personalised Oak Barrels

Personalised Oak Barrels

Available Designs

Beautiful, Brisbane-made Wooden Wine Barrels for Sale

Take your home bar to the next level.

We stock an extensive range of empty oak barrels for sale ready to be customised and engraved to your specifications and filled with your drink of choice.

Don’t just show your liquor off, make it better at the same time. Our wooden wine barrels are completely functional, miniature versions of ones used in wine-making and spirit-ageing. Increase the value and the deliciousness of your beverage within a few months of maturing in one of our products.

Make it fun with our range of designs for barrels

We offer a full range of customisable vintage and retro designs inspired by logos we’ve improved over time. Enjoy a nautical theme with our Captain Design, or get some personal branding going with a cellar or bar logo. Every piece of Oak is unique therefore the darkness of the engraving is authentically uncontrollable.

Small wine barrels age your liquor faster, so unless you’re working in large quantities, consider a 2L container to get a couple of bottles to perfection in just a few months. Customise yours with an authentic brass tap or change the bands on the side to Black or naked steel. The choice is yours!

Can be used to serve or age your favourite liquor or wine. Personalise yours with your details or use your own custom design. We have small to large sizes for sale, including 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L and 50L. All sold empty.

Start drinking your liquor the way the manufacturers wished they could with a wine barrel from Gift Factory! Order online today

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