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Restore your barrel to its former glory with our brass barrel taps

There’s nothing better than pouring yourself fresh distilled spirits from a genuine oak barrel. The earthy, natural materials add a whole new level of taste to your beverage — but if you want to take your experience to the next level, you’re going to need a brass barrel tap to serve.

Brass barrel taps are known for being heavy-duty and durable — an alloy of copper and zinc; brass is the most common material used to make barrel taps, bathroom taps, kitchen taps and more. It’s incredibly resistant to soft-water corrosion and hard-water calcification, protecting you and your barrel from harm.

At Barrel & Bar Gift Factory, we stock two conveniently sized barrel taps — a 13mm tap and a 19mm tap. Available at the discounted price of $29.99 alongside an oak barrel, you can improve the look and functionality of your barrel in one simple purchase!

Shop brass barrel taps and barrels online! We offer free standard shipping throughout Australia — it’s never been easier or more affordable to set up a liquor barrel at home.

The humble history of the oak barrel and the brass tap

Barrel aging and distilling alcohol is an ancient technique — the barrel was first developed by the Celts around 350BC. The Celts used barrel-shaped, watertight wooden containers that were filled with bulk goods like gold coins and nails, whereas ancient wine was fermented, stored and transported in clay vessels.

In the 20th century, wooden barrels became more popular for adding unique notes to liquor — beverages that are aged and stored in barrels take on some compounds of the barrel, like wooden and vanillin tannins. The next challenge was finding a convenient way to serve alcohol straight from the barrel.

Say hello to the brass barrel tap.

The ancestor of the brass barrel tap was the Ancient Roman taps in 1700BC. Originally, plumbing and tapware were made from lead (which gradually lead to mass poisoning throughout the Roman Empire). Modern tapware, however, is commonly made from brass due to its resistance to corrosion and calcification.

Now, brass is the preferred material for barrel taps — it’s safer and more effective for serving a wide range of liquors which is why we stock two conveniently sized brass barrel taps. Shop online for free standard shipping throughout Australia!

Deb Davies
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Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the Barrel! It looks amazing and I’m sure my husband will love it!! It is Perfect!!
C Rankin
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Fantastic service and quality product that arrived within a few days or placing the order. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.
Shiva Sathyadev
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Arrived at my house within a week, quality of the barrel was fantastic. 10/10 service with quick responses through email communication.
Maree Maizey
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I ordered a Barrel for my Husbands birthday last Tuesday. The finished item arrived last Friday. Fantastic service. My Husband is thrilled.
Annette Moy
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The barrel I ordered arrived and I am extremely happy with the job you did on it. It is a Christmas present for my husband and I know he will be absolutely thrilled with it.
Natalie from SA
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I loved the design and quality of the work, and the customer service was also fantastic. Would definitely recommend to family & friends.
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The oak barrel I received was absolutely incredible! So patient and helpful with the custom design I asked for, and replied very quickly to help get it all sorted.
Chris Watson
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Such a fantastic product and it arrived only a few days after we placed the order. We are absolutely thrilled with the barrel, I’d happily recommend this to anyone looking for something unique.

FAQs about our range of Brass Barrel Taps for sale

The good news is that your brand new barrel will come with a wooden tap (or a brass barrel tap if you choose to upgrade). However, if you ever need to replace the tap for any reason, our oak barrel taps have a convenient spigot that you can simply screw it into the barrel where the old tap was.

Yes, brass is recommended for port barrels. Brass is resistant to corrosion and calcification, making it a superior material for your port barrel. Alternatively, stainless steel and timber taps are also suitable.

We aim to get our orders out ASAP so you can start sipping your brews sooner rather than later! Processing time is around two business days from the receipt of your order. Shipping itself can take between one and 14 days depending on your location.